Join Beta program

ZAIUX™ “The AI Automated Penetration Test for Infrastructures” is about to be launched in a Beta Testing program, which will begin in the first quarter of 2021.

Already in the Beta release, ZAIUX™ is adequately stable on all the most popular Hypervisor platforms. Its features are  complete and accessible without any limitations.

We are collecting requests from companies who want to join the Beta Testing program and we will consider every application carefully.

Joining the program is very simple: just fill in the form and we will reach you out for a first brief phone call, making our relationship interactive right from the beginning.

Program features

We believe in the importance of a well structured Beta Program, so we defined some key points.

Our Vision

Our aim is to assess the optimization of ZAIUX™, in order to place the official version on the market, only after it has been tested from a significative number of companies.

Our operating procedures

In case you are selected, you will receive an e-mail containing the instructions to download the Linux VM, which can be installed on your Hypervisor. So, you can immediately start using ZAIUX™, enjoying its complete features.

Our ideal testers

We are looking for companies willing to cooperate, driven by the importance of Cybersecurity and seeking innovative solutions to improve the defensive posture of their IT perimeter.

Our expectations

We believe it is important to exchange information. For the whole duration of the program we are therefore expecting regular technical feedback with our developers, contributing so to the improvement of ZAIUX™ or suggesting potential bug-fixing actions.  For this reason PIKERED will reserve the right to revoke the Beta licences to those companies who do not provide any feedback and do not fill in the mandatory surveys we will regularly send during the program.


The program is expected to last a few months depending on the amount of information we will receive about the bug-fixing.


Companies who actively cooperate with us and fully answer to all our surveys will benefit not only from a 50% discount on the purchase of the final release, but also from an extended Beta license for the first three months following the release of the official version.