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Software products

Our team builds software solutions that expand the boundaries of the offensive approach to Cybersecurity. We personally take care of the R&D activities necessary to transform our innovative ideas into finished products, ZAIUX is the first example of this, putting them at the service of our customers’ IT security.
We give importance to the principles of “Security By Design” and the use of agile development methods, to achieve concrete and reliable results in a short time, always offering the most up-to-date features. We also believe in Open Innovation, supporting selected partners in the design and implementation of custom solutions.

Customized plans to manage your Cybersecurity

The current digital era has brought all organizations to become visible on the Internet, so generating the need to set up a correct management of all the most effective procedures aimed at lowering risks.
Thanks to our skilled and PECB Certified staff, we therefore support organizations by the implementation and the management of a Cybersecurity program, according to ISO/IEC standards and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, in order to improve network security posture.
ISO/IEC 27032:2012 provides practical guidelines to all actors who are directly or indirectly involved in the cyberspace. It creates thus a framework for cooperation in addressing all Cybersecurity problems, focusing on Information, Network and Internet security. Further sources of information such as NIST and ENISA allow our team to be always up-to-date with current standards and guidelines, in order to keep up with everchanging technologies.

Advanced Penetration Test

Our internal Ethical Hacker department considers requests from the most demanding customers who seek the necessary abilities and skills for an advanced Penetration Test. Not only do we test existing vulnerabilities which still have not been fixed by IT administrators, but it is often necessary to develop 0-day exploits or to employ Social Engineering techniques.

A properly executed test will not limit itself to exploit the first identified vulnerability, but will also try all possible ways to reach its aim.
This approach, which is mostly manual and accurately customized, allows us to exclude all false positives and to assess the risk level more precisely in comparison to a regular Vulnerability Assessment.

Red Team Assessment

It is similar to an Advanced Penetration Test, but it has different objectives. Although the two processes have a lot in common, such as some attack methods and the people involved, they differ in the approach. Instead of identifying the greatest possible number of vulnerabilities, the Red Team Assessment aims at testing the responsiveness of the organization to a targeted attack. Therefore, the customer needs to have an internal Blue Team and to choose a goal before the Assessment begins (e.g. business-critical assets).

The attack consists in simulating and employing the same methods of a malicious attacker, whose aim is to exfiltrate sensitive information without leaving any trace.
Another key aspect concerns the duration: while a normal Penetration Test lasts about 1-3 weeks, a Red Team Assessment can require 4-8 weeks or more, according to the needs and to the type of target organization.


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