Questions about ZAIUX®Evo?

We have collected some of the answers to the most common questions about the operation and advantages of ZAIUX® Evo for running automated Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS).

Watch the video on how ZAIUX® Evo works

How do I install ZAIUX® Evo?

ZAIUX® Evo does not require the deployment of any Virtual Appliance or services to be installed on the endpoints. From the Cloud portal it will be possible to create and manage the Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) and run it simply, by double clicking on a downloaded file, without any kind of administrative privilege.

Watch the video on how ZAIUX® Evo works

Can I use ZAIUX® Evo on a network without an Active Directory domain?

No, ZAIUX® Evo has been designed to be used exclusively in Microsoft Active Directory environments, therefore, it cannot perform a Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) in other environments.

My network includes an Active Directory domain, but also endpoints outside the domain. Are these targeted by the Breach & Attack Simulation?

Only Windows endpoints included in the domain are considered valid targets for scope of ZAIUX® Evo.

My subnet includes a large number of endpoints, can I use ZAIUX® Evo?

ZAIUX® Evo has been designed to be used in both Small Business and Enterprise environments; Therefore, there are no limits on the size of the target network.

I already use a Vulnerability Assessment solution. What's the advantage of using ZAIUX® Evo?

The use of ZAIUX® Evo should not be taken as a substitute solution for existing Vulnerability Scanners. The different solutions should be used in a complementary way for a more accurate identification of all the real vulnerabilities in the network.

ZAIUX® Evo, unlike a normal Vulnerability Assessment, aims to identify all those vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and attack patterns that outruns the most of Vulnerability Scanners, which are designed for other purposes.

In my network I deployed SIEM, Event Monitoring, EDR/XDR or Detection & Response solutions. What contraindications can there be when using ZAIUX® Evo?

None. There is no need to create any exclusions or white-lists specific to ZAIUX® Evo, as the goal of the solution is to simulate a realistic attack in order to validate all defensive mechanisms implemented in the network.

Can I start a Breach & Attack Simulation from a computer connected to my LAN via a VPN?

It is possible, even through a VPN (Site-to-Site or Host-to-Site), but with the minimum requirement that the resolution of the names of the Hosts between the two parties is guaranteed.

How does the ZAIUX® Evo License Model work?

For any information regarding the license model, refer to the licenses dedicated page.

Can I use ZAIUX® Evo on a network that does not have an Internet connection?

ZAIUX® Evo is a full-cloud solution so you cannot use it without having an Internet connection on the target network.


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