A license system for MSSPs

ZAIUX® Evo is provided through a scalable license system, so to meet the needs of different business scenarios and work environments.


ZAIUX® Evo’s license system is based on individually consumable tokens, to cover both the need to perform just one BAS (Breach & Attack Simulation) and to manage several ones on different infrastructures. A Flat option is also provided to perform BAS without any limitations in the number of tests.


Right after purchasing the tokens, they are made available directly in the Web Portal of ZAIUX® Evo, to perform and monitor BAS activities on any infrastructure, without the need to preassign to a specific target network.


These individually consumable tokens do not have an expiration date. Therefore, MSSPs can stock them up and each token will be deducted from the total amount after each execution, to adapt to the diverse market needs.


For MSSPs, using ZAIUX® Evo means to anonymously organize and manage their own clients, as target infrastructures can be identified even only by labels that are not associated to static public IP addresses.

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