A new Cybersecurity player

The integration of skills in the fields of Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence and Software development has proved to be the perfect solution to explore new paths, starting R&D activities aimed at the creation of advanced and innovative solutions and services.

Code of ethics

Innovation as a starting point: we exclusively work on high added value solutions and services, that have a real positive impact on the Cybersecurity management process in customer infrastructures.

Reliability above all: the aim of our work is to provide greater security. Thus, it is fundamental for us to be trustworthy, maximizing the reliability of our internal processes and always acting on the base of professional ethics.

Promotion of diversity: the best ideas come to life when different worlds are brought together, and professional growth of a company goes hand-in-hand with personal growth of its participants. Therefore, we promote individuality inside our team, and each of us nurtures skills of his/her own while pursuing common goals.

Cooperate to improve: it is through hands-on experience and mutual exchange that one can make the difference. So, we know how important it is to take into serious account criticisms and suggestions from our partners, adapting our processes to their real needs.

Ethical products for an ethical world: the products we design have ethical purposes. Therefore, it is our priority to discourage all kind of improper use and reject any cooperation with whomever should be responsible for fraudulent acts involving our solutions.


Our staff is composed of experienced professionals in various IT fields, such as System Integration, Software development and Ethical Hacking. By employing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we undertook an internal R&D path, seeking the development of highly innovative solutions and services. We have a strong problem-solving attitude to increase the effectiveness of solutions and operational processes.

Marco Gallina

Co-founder & Director

Daniel Bertoni

Co-founder & Cyber Security Specialist

Diego Lorenzi

Co-founder & Computer Engineer

Francesca Del Nin

Red Team Operator

Davide Netti

Red Team Operator

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Why Pikered

We are not just another Software House. In addition to the development of software solution and the delivery of consultancy services we set as our primary goal to raise awareness on Cybersecurity-related themes. Knowledge is certainly the first way to defend oneself and assess risk, for any skill level.


We believe that the Cybersecurity world needs to advance by employing really innovative technologies. That is why research and technological transfer are the cornerstone of our value proposition.


The application of modern Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms enables us to give an unprecedented decision-making autonomy to our solutions, solving real-world problems without any human intervention.


Our team includes certified ethical hackers in continuous learning, which allow us to internally develop tools that perform the most advanced IT attack techniques.


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