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NOTE: Upon registration, PIKERED grants the use of a Free Trial license of ZAIUX® Evo to allow you to evaluate the potential of the solution. PIKERED reserves the right not to accept all requests that will be filled in or with data that do not meet the minimum pre-requisites required to be considered potential partners or users of our solution. The use of the Free Trial is also bound to the signing of the End-User License Agreement (EULA) that will be sent to you by email in response to the completion of the form.

ZAIUX® Evo: What are the limits of the Free Trial?

The Free Trial version offers the same User-Experience as the full version, with a Kill-Chain that limits the Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) to the Active Directory Enumeration phase, and the exfiltration of the data obtained from it.

MITRE ATT&CK® references:


The goal is to demonstrate the ability of ZAIUX® Evo to establish a Command & Control (C2) tunnel, circumventing the EDR/XDR/NDR solutions installed in the target network, without the need to create exclusions or white-listing rules, as would happen in a real attack scenario.

Fully explore the ZAIUX® Evo interface including Dashboard, Users and Sites management.

Manage the MFA for a secure access through Google Authenticator or equivalent Apps.

Create the Site associated with the target network.

Deploy the BAS previously created and monitor its progress from the Dashboard.

Receive email notifications about the progress of the running BAS.

Download the Report to see the results in detail.

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The Free Trial version offers the same User-Experience as the full version.
Find out how ZAIUX® Evo works.