Questions about ZAIUX® Framework?

Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding the operation and benefits of ZAIUX® Framework, the advanced software solution for Command-and-Control activities dedicated to authorized Red Teaming operations.

What is ZAIUX® Framework?

ZAIUX® Framework is a Command & Control (C2) tool, specifically designed to provide advanced features and a shared workspace for a team of Penetration Testers; moreover, it is expandable through the creation of custom and private modules.

Who is ZAIUX® Framework designed for?

ZAIUX® Framework must be exclusively employed for legal and authorized Red-Team and Penetration Test operations. Pikered does not authorize any illegal use or for purposes other than those stated in the license agreement.

What can I use ZAIUX® Framework for?

ZAIUX® Framework can be adopted to enhance your Red Team skills, in order to conduct Penetration Test services using modern and efficient attack vectors.

Can I purchase ZAIUX® Framework as an individual end-user?

Due to the sensitive nature of the software, we do not sell the license to individual end-users, but only to registered and official companies.

What kind of support is included with ZAIUX® Framework license?

Bug-fixing, updates and new features are included with the purchase of the license up to the next major release. An optional support package is available with our team which can assist the customers during the more complex and sensitive operations.

How is ZAIUX® Framework delivered to the customer?

ZAIUX® Framework is a fully on-premises product. All the requirements for the initial installation are provided in the product package which is exclusively downloadable through a temporary token provided after the purchase.


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